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Gentle Real Estate Peeps, Let's GO!

Hi everyone. I took a hiatus the last few months after getting COVID and getting myself together. Last year was a bust for the most part as I was entering my forth year in Real Estate and just starting to get momentum when the pandemic hit. The bad is that I got behind on my overall goals, but the good is that it helped me to re-invent myself once again!

WIlliamsburg Farmers Market

I have come to realize that if one wishes to be a successful real estate agent today without having a big lifelong network in NYC, already living in a condo building, or having started earlier in the business, the only alternative today is to build a community through the internet along with all the other analog style network techniques, like walking the neighborhoods, attending community events, cold calling, and looking for real estate owners attempting to sell on their own.

My Master!

All said, you can find me here on this website 24/7, chat with me anytime RIGHT HERE! I will be working mostly in Greenpoint, LIC this year, but will travel for good opportunities! If you would like to sell or rent your property, commercial or residential, please reach out! I hope you all have a great year! Here's to looking ahead into a rosier future!


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