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Sunny days after the Storm

Like everyone, I have been a bit nervous about a lot of things during this pandemic. However, I have always had a feeling of optimism about my business no matter the circumstances. Now with my website up and running and the blog fully operational, this gives me the opportunity to share with you how things are going on a regular basis.

After a year at Modern Spaces, it appears that things are finally starting to get moving. I am establishing good relationships with my colleagues at Modern Spaces and also my clients. I am thankful for that.

I am finding that being a real estate professional has much to do with building relationships and showing others that you take your profession seriously. This has been my goal since I started three years ago. Thanks to all for your support.

I took this picture yesterday as I was riding home on a Citibike from a preview in Astoria. Message? ;)
Northern Blvd. 5:30PM 8/24/20

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