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Rental lease coming due? Now may be the time to buy a Condominium in Long Island City!

...look no further. NOW is a great time to buy and Long Island City is the place to be!

The reasons are plenty. Here are a few:

1) location, location, location!

2) you can rent immediately

3) developers have loan payments coming due and need to make deals!

4) still favorable mortgage rates

Why pay a monthly rent that would be comparable to a mortgage payment?

All said, now is the time to get a deal. I just worked with a customer who negotiated a 10% down payment at closing and 15% off the list price and the developer was willing to pay for some closing costs. That is almost unheard of!

Also, the neighborhoods in LIC are evolving as fast as the new developments that inhabit them. Trader Joe's just opened close to Court Square, Target is on the way and Hunters Point is all the rage with Gantry State Park, a brand new NYC Public Library, and more new restaurants than I can name here have recently called Long Island City their new home!

If you would like to start the process of OWNING your next home, please feel free to reach out to me today and we can begin the process!


pictures: Alan Lupiani


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