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Dream Job >>> Selling CO-OPs!

I am back in the office at Modern Spaces in LIC. I just met with one of my longtime landlords and exchanged checks for a recently rented apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. Felt good to get things going again.

I am both looking for a buyer/client and hopefully representing a seller of a CO-OP in the next few weeks. I am excited about this development because it will be taking my real estate game to a different level. It's called SALES! ;)

Co-ops can be tricky regarding regulations, fees, and board approval. I am looking forward to executing these anticipated deals with expertise and precision. Previewing the UWS Co-Op this Friday, 4.30.21. 400-450K range.

According to my research, co-ops in Central/ Upper Brooklyn (200+ listings) are coming down in price about 10% and there are now more listings finding there way to the market (less than 50 days.) In Upper Manhattan (300+ listings), pricing seems to be coming down less and this may be a result of heavy sales competition for homes in the northern suburbs of NYC, resulting in more demand for apartments back here in the city. My overall assessment pricing wise is that the market is pretty much neutral right now and will only get better as we head into the fall. Listing prices are generally 20-25% above 2019 levels, but with recent price drops, it will be interesting to see how things progress this summer.

If you own a co-op, condo, or building that you would like to sell, please feel free to contact me at anytime for a free consultation. My email address is and my phone # is: 917.613.8135. TY!


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